Gates 110° Fathom


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Superweitwinkel SWP 44, (114,3 mm)
Gates 110° Fathom


The SWP44 + B + C Super Wide Port is the most distinguished member of the Precision line of premium underwater optics from Gates. Another 'no compromises' lens, it enables the
clearest, sharpest, distortion-free underwater imaging possible – a necessary requisite for any High Definition venture.
 - with an astounding 120° maximum angular field of view this port will provide complete
rectilinear imaging of Humpbacks from mere feet away. Yet the SWP44
includes full zoom through capability for crystal clear tight shots as well as macro critters -- and everything in between. Unlike other optics that require diopters, or work only at zoom extremes, the SWP44C is designed for distortion free images throughout the entire zoom range.
Gates Precision
- is a mark of optical excellence. It means high resolution underwater optics free of distortions, reflections, vignetting or other ‘image killers’.
HD Essential
-High Definition is unforgiving and requires optics that are sharp and clear from
edge to edge. ‘No Compromises’ HD can only be achieved with a Precision port and housing from Gates.
No Compromises
- It’s true: The best camera in the world cannot compensate for poor optics.
That’s why the SWP44 means no compromises to image quality

SWP 44 for:

FX1/Z1, HVX200, XL H1

SWP 44B for:


SWP 44C for

EX1, HVX 200A

Please see further details also in the download section

Performance – Up to 120° Bildwinkel, durchzoombar für Makro objekte
HD tested and qualified – für Hochauflösende HD Bilder.
Distortion-free – für verzerrungsfreie Bilder
Reflection-free – Kein Bildverlust durch Reflexionen
Vignette-free – Keien Anschnitte und Vignettierungen
Use in Air and Water – berechnet für über und unter Wasser - halb und halb Aufnahmen möglich
High grade optical glass elements – für scharfe Kristallklare Aufnahmen
SiO2 AR Coating– für dauerhaft optimale Lichtdurchlässigkeit
Nitrogen purged/vacuum sealed optics – kein Staub oder Beschlagen zwischen den Linsen