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The Explorer Cases case series are available in more than 30 standard sizes.

Acid-resistant and corrosion-resistant for hard use in diving, hunting – the OutdoorLine.

High-quality photo transport suitcases for expeditions, as paramedics emergency suitcases or for shooting.

Explorer Cases – suitcase series in many sizes and finishes.

We make your valuable devices portable. Individual transport, presentation and suitcase solutions for your personal requirements.

Are there good solutions that optimize the transport of equipment at every opportunity and offer safety even in air transport?

The answer is yes – Explorer Cases! The OutdoorLine & ExplorerLine.

The Italian-based company has been producing the now famous Explorer Cases since 1970.

Highly stable, practical and almost indestructible plastic cases are produced in over 32 sizes and three selectable colours.

We are happy to advise you as a user with the choice for the suitcase of the optimal size.

There are virtually no applications, no activities that could not be effectively mastered by the waterproof and stackable boxes.

Many users in a wide range of sports and industrial sectors have long understood and integrate their various equipment, electronic devices or tools into optimally adapted Explorer containers.

All accessories such as panels, inner pockets and foam inserts. Custom-made products, everything available from us.

Start your search either by case number or type of use, e.g.: photo
case, outdoor

or you scroll through the entire page.

The waterproof transport cases are sorted by:

Suitcase sizes

Small cases for the small important things.

Valuable items such as watches, navigation devices or instruments are packed into these suitcases.

Consequently, valuables such as passports, flight documents, money, physical precious metal.

Small weapons, pistols for the shooter also fit in here.

Also suitable for measuring instruments, product presentation and many other possibilities.

Video Photo Camera Outdoor Cases

Medium Cases for the travel trolley or camera equipment.

Ideal for camera equipment, video cameras or drones.

Sensitive measuring devices, photographic accessories, laptops and sports weapons find perfect protection here.

Are you looking for a trade fair case? Representatives love these cool cases.

As a result, these high quality and robust plastic cases are highly valued in the music and DJ industry.

Choose your personal waterproof transport case from our range.

Large cases for the diver and athlete, waterproof plastic case.

Sensitive diving equipment, rebreathers, scooters can be stored here perfectly.

Transport suitcases for example for large equipment, drones or professional cameras.

In addition, the cases are ideally suited as expedition equipment or emergency cases for medical devices.

Tactical equipment or outdoor equipment that must not get wet.

In addition, the cases are also used as team cases for sports equipment and sports equipment.

Hunting and Shooting Outdoor Cases

Reliable with hard shell cases for your individual requirements

If you have any questions about an Explorer suitcase, we are happy to provide telephone support.

Personal advice and sales: Timo Krämer


Ettlinger Straße 67

76337 Waldbronn

Phone: +49 7243 6 90 16

For each product, you have the option to make a request.

In addition, we check each order manually before shipping the goods.

If necessary, we will inform you quickly if errors have crept in to the order.

The investment in Explorer Cases pays off for many years to come.

diving equipment, instruments, lamps, tablets or laptops, as well as camera systems

for use above and below water, it is worth adequately stored and transported.

This starts with the journey in the car to the dive site, with the air transport, with the boat transfer to the destination.

The online shop Marlin offers with GLS cheap deliveries at a flat rate in Germany.

Waterproof shockproof suitcase. Good price-performance ratio.

Resistant to shocks, corrosion, water or dust.

Defying all weather conditions, ideal for extreme applications.

Certifications | All cases have undergone the following tests:

Certificates Explorer

Dry heat and low temperature

Bearing test / vibration test

Horizontal and vertical impact test

IP67 rating according to the following reference standards:

CEI EN 60529 (1997) + A1 (2000)

Defence Standard 81-41 (Part 3) / Issue 4 del 2000-06-23

STANAG 4280 (ed. 2) del 1999-02-08

Marlin | Your Germany sales for waterproof transport cases.

Suitcase program Explorer Cases, tool case, representative case

Expand your suitcase with a foam insert, lock or panel.

If you have any questions about a product, our sales manager will be happy to take care of it.

On request, product-adapted, standardized accessories for Explorer Cases are available:

E.g. individualized foam inserts, frames and padded inserts for camera equipment and laptops.

The boxes are delivered ex works in black, orange or green. Some suitcases for hunting or military missions are also available in the color “dessert”.

With an order quantity of 200 boxes and more of the same size, all colors can be realized. A vacuum, such as that that can occur in the aircraft, is manually compensated by an integrated valve. All cases are waterproof and therefore also airtight.

Explorer Cases United Kingdom, Online Shop Marlin

The Explorer philosophy

Good equipment must be protected.

Whether divers or hunters, expeditions or research.

In the commercial and industrial sector, with its own company logo.

Special case for hard inserts, adapted for every tool.

Laptop case, weapon case or tool trolley – Optimal transport protection!

Expert advice for more than 30 years. Worldwide shipping and fast delivery.

We distribute and deliver for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and all other Euro countries!

Our services: custom-made bags, custom-made suitcases, outdoor standard solutions.

Explorer Cases are waterproof and pressure-tight to 10 meters deep.

Guaranteed product properties in the temperature range from -33° to +90°C !

Optimum outdoor safety – sand-, dust- and airtight.

Outdoor transport case for hard work in sports and work.

Marlin Germany Sales, Ingo Vollmer.

High-quality protective cases for expeditions, trades.

Explorer Cases provide protection to the highest international standards in terms of ingressing dust or wetness when used in extreme environmental conditions. From the highest possible protection class IP68, the Explorer Cases reach IP67 and according to NATO standards, which divide 4 protection classes, with Class 1 guaranteeing the highest protection, the cases rank at 1 and 2.

What can and what do the cases offer in detail?

The plastic copolymer polypropylene used guarantees maximum dimensional stability and resilience.

Resistance to chemicals, even aggressive aircraft lubricants, is guaranteed.

Statics and material used also withstand high mechanical pressure and impacts.

The architecture of the reliable outer shell, with feet and grooves makes the cases stackable. The closures, which can be secured by special optional locks, are smooth and particularly stable.

Extensive Explorer accessories such as straps, back support systems.

The individual interiors meet every requirement. Ideal for professional photographers, outdoor athletes, industrial users or expedition organizers.

Spare parts service is secured and cases and their accessories from a wide range of production years can be combined in all functions.

According to the manufacturer’s own data, these are the most stable and resilient transport cases on the market.

Ingo Vollmer from Marlin Sales says: Yes, that’s exactly how it is!

Robust waterproof transport case.

Special plastic case for sports or weapons case for security services.

For photographers, divers, hunters, trades and industry.

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