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Waterproof backpack wanted for outdoor activities?

Robust backpacks and bags for adventures that take place in or on the water, such as sailing or surfing.

With a canoe or kayak on the water, as well as for fishing or diving, a waterproof backpack or bag is an absolute must to be able to transport luggage and equipment safely.

Waterproof transport bags, packing bags and backpacks

we offer you different sizes and finishes at attractive prices.

But also away from the sea, lakes and rivers while hiking or cycling, protect your luggage optimally in a waterproof backpack.

So you and your luggage can no longer be dangerous to rain showers!

All products have been developed and tested by outdoor professionals.

Especially your electronic devices such as cameras, cameras store them in waterproof backpacks.

Mobile phones and smartphones are also particularly vulnerable to moisture outside nature.

Our waterproof photo backpacks and camera bags not only protect your electronic devices against water, but also cushion shocks and shocks, providing optimal protection for your camera equipment.

Outdoors all over the world.

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