• Keldan UW Lights

The light makes all the difference. LED video lamps by Keldan Lights

Underwater photographer Ingo Vollmer is a fan of Keldan Lights.

On numerous diving expeditions in unusual places, such as in Newfoundland, he tests all the novelties and dives worldwide with all Keldan products.

Keldan Underwater Light Equipment video lamps are characterized by their LED technology with excellent color reproduction.

Self-contained design, easy to hand in and solidly installed. Small and light, yet suitable for robust use.

Equipped with overtemperature protection, the Keldan Lights can also be used outside the water.

Underwater filming or photographing ?

If you are unsure whether you want to take pictures or film underwater, then a Keldan video light is the much more flexible solution.

Whether for professionals or beginners, the use of video lamps is much easier and much easier than lighting with a flash.

Smartphone case for iPhone or Android phones,

LED diving light of the extra class of octopuses.

Kraken UW Lamps

With today’s LED lighting technology, Kraken UW Licht achieves everything with best values:

in terms of light output, equipment, size. Underwater Light Equipment.